Teks Contoh Surat Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Teks Contoh Surat Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dear Lucy,
Hai Lucy, how are you, there? Well, another year has passed. I just can’t believe that it went so quickly. I’ve been studying for my exams and gratefuly I finished high school. Now I start my studies at medical college and I really miss the time that we spent together. I am so sorry because I didn’t send letters for you. Actually I lost your address and I was lucky to find it again.
And how are you? I hope that you and your family are all right. Did you join the Interior Design College as you always wished? I really want to know your latest news and know everything about your studies.
I’m writing to tell you that I have been to Europe and it was great. Do you believe that I met our friend Yara in France? It was by accident. She has been there for five years. She got married and she is waiting for her baby now.
Well that’s all about me and we’re all doing fine here. Take care!
Your best friend,

Dalam menulis surat pribadi dalam bahasa inggris, kita juga tidak harus terlalu terpaku pada aturan-aturan bahasa formal, sehingga ungkapan-ungkapan yang timbul pun tidak terkesan kaku. Yang perlu kita lakukan adalah membuat surat itu bisa dipahami oleh si pembaca. Jadi dalam surat pribadi kita tidak perlu terpaku dengan semua aturan penulisan surat formal. Asalkan informasi yang kita tuliskan itu bisa dipahami oleh penerima surat, itu sudah cukup.


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